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Paco Casasola, BSc, MSc (Hons)
Music therapist (HCPC registered),
Occupational therapist (HCPC registered),

Paco has worked as a therapist for over 18 years. His relationship with music started in his early childhood, when he undertook piano and music studies at Badajoz Conservatory in Spain. Later on, he completed his degree in Occupational Therapy (University of Extremadura, 2003) and his Masters degree in Music Therapy (ISEP Madrid, 2009).

He has worked in a range of public, private and third sector organisations in Spain, France and the UK, working with adults with various emotional and communicational needs. He has specialised in the treatment of stress and mood disorders, trauma, autistic spectrum, personality disorders, psychosis, dementia, addictions, life transitions and group dynamics.

Also a composer and multi-instrumentalist, Paco has written and produced original music and arrangements for over 20 years.

Paco loves accompanying people in the process of overcoming difficult times through boosting their creativity. He really enjoys the challenge of creating unique environments to meet his client needs.

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