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Music Psychotherapy

By engaging in songwriting, lyric discussion, clinical improvisation, and guided meditation exercises, you will develop tools for creative expression that will allow deeper insight and understanding of your feelings.

Music psychotherapy is definitely not limited to musicians, and is accessible for those with no musical training or background.

If you are interested, you will be invited to an initial assessment meeting to discuss what you hope to gain or resolve via music psychotherapy. Your music therapist will usually suggest six sessions to start with. Thereafter if this is useful and beneficial for you ongoing work will be offered. 

Sessions are mostly once a week at the same time with the same therapist. You will access a music therapy space with a range of musical instruments, playback and recording devices that you will be encouraged to use and explore.

If attending the first session is difficult for you, we can meet in video conference and start your assessment this way.

The process of music therapy may feel odd or a bit embarrassing to start with. However, over time you will find this increasingly enjoyable and rewarding as it helps you to explore your inner world and improve your relationships with others.

£50 per session

Location: Easton, Bristol

(Online options available)

Make and enquiry or book a session

Facebook: Crescendo Therapies

Phone/Whatsapp:  07842734418

Group MT


Music Psychotherapy

Group therapy differs from individual therapy as the diverse experiences, abilities and backgrounds of the other members can offer valuable insight and support.

Music therapy groups are a helpful way to explore personal and group themes in a supportive, non-judgmental and confidential space. Participants are invited to create, listen and discuss music together, and the therapist will facilitate specialised techniques and exercises in line with the group themes, interests and suggestions.

Some groups are run on an ongoing basis; others are run for 8-12 weeks. The size of groups is always limited between 5 and 8 participants per group.


If you are interested in attending a music therapy group, please contact us:

Facebook: Crescendo Therapies

Phone/Whatsapp:  07842734418


Crescendo workshops

​Current workshops 2021:

Music wokplace

Music in your workplace

Facilitating team cohesion, motivation and innovative thinking

​We work with companies, universities and charities looking to integrate music therapy into their team building programmes.

Music therapy in the workplace is able to:

  • facilitate creativity and innovative thinking

  • provide insight into group dynamics

  • increase motivation and morale, boosting productivity

  • develop communication within and between teams

  • strengthen workplace identity and cohesion

Workshops can range from a simple presentation, a full day of theory and experiential music-making or even a regular space for music therapy within your workplace or organisation.

Workshops are designed¨and tailored 100% according to the needs of your workplace. Please register your interest here or contact us to discuss further

Facebook: Crescendo Therapies

Phone/Whatsapp:  07842734418

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